Safe and ergonomic welding of plastic membranes

Welding of Thermoplastic Geomembranes for Tunnel Sealing
Tunnel geomembranes are utilized in surface mining or deep mining. Once the concrete casing is complete, a plastic sealing system made from HDPE, PP, PVC or TPO is usually used to provide protection from any penetrating moisture. The individual sheets are laid perpendicular to the direction of the tunnel. Lightweight and flexible welding machines are required for this "overhead welding." Leister offers several suitable machines in the form of the TWINNY, COMET, and TRIAC DRIVE AT. Details can be welded easily and ergonomically with the handheld extrusion welders, hand welding tools (heat guns), and matching accessories.

Welding of Thermoplastic Liner for Ponds and Swimming pools
Artificial lakes, swimming ponds, and swimming pools are all the rage! In order to ensure the safety of the sealing system, reliable tools are needed, which are not only able to weld perfectly, but can also work across large areas economically and ergonomically. Leister offers the right welding machines for all areas and materials. The VARIMAT V2 is particularly well-suited to the overlap welding of large areas with an even surface, as are often encountered in swimming pool refurbishment projects. The flexible and maneuverable UNIROOF, which also is used in the installation or roofing systems, is appropriate for smaller, confined areas. For uneven surfaces, such as those found in artificial lakes, swimming ponds or biotopes, the answer is the hot-wedge machines otherwise used in civil engineering: The small, easy to handle GEOSTAR wedge welders and TWINNY hot-air welders adapt to the surface topography perfectly and weld the thermoplastic geomembranes safely, making them absolutely leaktight. Leister offers a wide range of hand welding tools and matching accessories, such as nozzles or the legendary Leister pressure roller, for welding connections and details.

Leister offers various hot-wedge and combi-wedge machines for welding HDPE, PP, PVC or TPO materials. Welding seam tensiometers improve safety. A broad spectrum of different extrusion welders and heat guns completes the range.

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