• Vacuum Plate 300

    Finds leaks in geomembranes and roof membranes!

  • Examo USB

    Is the welding seam sealed and can it withstand the specified peeling, tensile and shearing forces? EXAMO performs tests at the construction site – quick, reliable and uncomplicated.

  • Vacuum Box

    Is this seam well sealed? Just test the tightness of your geomembranes with the VACUUM BOX and find every leak.

  • Test needle

    The reliable and handy air pressure test manometer from Leister is the perfect solution for testing the integrity of dual track seams with test channel.

  • Vacuum Bell

    The VACUUM BELL is used for testing the tightness of overlap welding seams and application seams. The needed vacuum is ideally generated by Leister's VACUUM PUMP.

  • Vacuum Pump

    The VACUUM BOX or VACUUM BELL produces a vacuum, generated by air pressure from the VACUUM PUMP. This makes it very easy to check the welding seam for possible leaks.