Durch seine Konstruktion verträgt der Radial Blower Recirculation RBR einlassseitig Luft-Temperaturen von bis zu 350°C und eignet sich daher speziell für die Heissluftrückführung.

  • Silence

    Leister’s mid-range blower, is very quiet during operation at 61 dB(A).

  • Aso

    At 60 Hz, the ASO delivers 15 900 l/min. When used with the appropriate accessories it can supply several Leister air heaters in parallel.

  • Robust

    Very compact design with enormous power. Thanks to efficient sound insulation the ROBUST high pressure blower is very quiet.

  • Airpack

    If high air pressure is required, the AIRPACK is the answer! It is used wherever large air volumes at high pressure are required.

  • Mono 6 System

    In spite of its compact dimensions, the newly-developed, MONO 6 SYSTEM blower continues to impress due to its high air volume of up to 600 l/min.