If you have a value of more than CHF 1'000.00, we will gladly make you a offer for leasing.

Four good reasons ...
... who speak for you as a customer for leasing:

1.) Helps to maintain liquidity.
Leasing protects the equity and strengthens the credit rating to the house bank, because a high-performance IT equipment has its price. It costs liquidity, negotiation-intensive bank or supplier credits. Leasing, on the other hand, does not affect your creditorship of financial service providers or burden your balance sheet. Because the devices remain the property of the leasing company, so that - unlike when buying - the ratio of equity to total assets and equity to fixed assets does not deteriorate to your detriment. The bottom line is that you use state-of-the-art technology, and at the same time improve your credit rating, your balance sheet ratios, and thus your company's rating.

2.) Provides planning security.
Leasing innovative IT equipment pays off. The reason: you only pay when the technology in your company pays off. Instead of high initial costs, which have to be recouped bit by bit, you pay regular leasing installments - with revenues generated during and through the use of the equipment. This extends your investment opportunities right from the start. This pay-as-you-earn advantage comes with planning security. The constant leasing rates are a cost block that can be calculated in your corporate planning.

3.) Enables greater investment at an earlier time.
Small installments replace high purchase prices. Often, business development requires that new technology be needed. To succeed with your business, you must continually invest in advanced information technology. But the purchase ties up capital and due to the short innovation cycles, many devices are outdated before they pay off. The solution: the leasing offer from GRENKE. With small monthly installments, you can invest in new technology when it's needed. This will keep you ahead of the competition.

4.) Provides flexibility.
Thanks to the GRENKE exchange option, you will always be up to date with the latest technical developments. After all, if you buy your information technology, then you can commit to years. But the technology is developing just like your business. GRENKE therefore offers leasing with exchange option. If more powerful or more economical devices are on the market than those you have leased, you can also switch during the contract period and sometimes without increasing the leasing rate. If your company grows, your technical requirements increase, and the lease contract can be extended.