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For a quick and uncomplicated processing, you will find our service form here.

Enclose it when sending in your unit, or send it in advance by e-mail to repair@jannone.ch.

In order that our customers don’t have to worry about long work interruptions because of damaged tools, we have an in-house repair shop, whereby we can ensure immediate processing of all incoming repair orders.

Although the Leister equipment is rugged and able to perform well in difficult conditions, the service life will be increased through careful handling and regular maintenance. You should read the attached instructions for use for details of the respective devices. If you use the equipment in continuous operation or use it very often under difficult environmental conditions, we recommend that you send in the equipment regularly for maintenance. If you are unsure about the frequency you should use to service the equipment, feel free to contact us. If you notice any irregular heat output or a change in the noise of your devices, this is a sure sign of an impending failure. In such cases, we recommend that you send in the equipment, even if you otherwise fulfill your function. Usually the maintenance of sent devices is carried out within 1 - 2 days. The heating elements of Leister devices can also be ordered separately and replaced.

We repair for you

Course of action:
Normally the tools are checked and simple defects are repaired within 24 h. If a repair is more extensive, the customer will be informed. Our distribution service is DHL. Parcels are delivered in return for a signature. If nobody is there to accept the parcel, we can also deliver by mail. For our customers in Central and Eastern Switzerland there is also the possibility to transact their repair and service orders directly via the Helppoints of the manufacturer.

Replacement tools:
In case there is a shortage because of the repair or maintenance of a tool, Jannone AG has some replacement tools.

Repair costs:
As standard practice there is a guarantee of one year from date of purchase on our products. Excluded are damages which occur through improper handling of the tools (e.g. damages by external force, water damages, etc.). The repair costs are calculated strictly according to the actual time and effort, there is no minimum charge. Also the drawing up of estimates is free of charge. As standard practice, telephonic or written estimates are drawn up, as soon as the repair costs exceed 40 % of the repaired tool’s original price, otherwise the tools are repaired directly. If it is thus mentioned on the repair order, an estimate will be given before the repair in any case.

Our specialists will be happy to discuss all your questions with you.