Welding technology

To facilitate the proper use of the Leister tools, we offer documentation about tried and tested welding technologies to our customers.

Today almost every motor vehicle includes component parts made of various plastics. By the application of these plastics the design engineer can improve the aerodynamic form and the aesthetic design of bumper, radiator grill, spoiler, lamp housing, and even of the whole body panel, without affecting the impact strength. Moreover the risk of rust can be eliminated completely.

Regarding construction strength plastics are by no means inferior to steel. They owe this property to their high elasticity. Small collisions which deform steel in a way that it can no longer be repaired, are shock-absorbed by plastics. Even if plastics are damaged, they can be repaired by welding, without the strength of the component part being impaired.

Cracks, rips, bumps, and even loss of material can easily be repaired with the aid of the hot air welding machines Leister TRIAC ST and TRIAC AT. Whereas similarly damaged component parts made of steel have to be expensively replaced, a repair is all that is necessary for plastic parts. It is not only cheaper, but it also saves time. Especially winter, with its increased numbers of accidents, makes high demands on the stores of the repair shops.

The plastic part can quickly be repaired “like new”. If the recommended procedures are observed, no traces remain after the combined use of welding and varnishing technology.

Instructions plastic welding

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